Outsourcing Support Services, Inc.

Serving clients from large pharma to virtual biotech.

How you benefit

Benefits of Using Outsourcing Support Services

Benefits for Providers

- Improved Productivity - access to extensive experience as a customer (Eli Lilly) & provider (Charles River);

- better understand customer needs and expectations;

- identify strategic alliance partners;

- optimize services to meet customer needs;

- improve marketplace presence;

- learn what NOT to do;

- improve customer satisfaction and loyalty;

- maximize staff and resource effectiveness;

- you SAVE TIME and MONEY!

Benefits for Sponsors

- Risk Mitigation! - more robust monitoring (scientific, regulatory, operational, and technical perspectives) from each visit;

- you leverage our 40 years of industry experience to your benefit;

- it is more cost effective to use our services to facilitate your business with third parties;

- we do what you don't want to do;

- you can spend more time in the office;

- you can reduce your travel time and costs with our services;

- you can leverage our network of industry contacts;

- we have an established familiarity with leading CRO facilities and management;

- you SAVE TIME and MONEY!


Contact us at 
toxmonitor@gmail.com or 317-408-0286.